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 SOI Wafers

SOI wafers are promising semiconductor materials for leading edge devices such as low power and high speed LSIs, smart sensors, and smart power devices. SEH has been providing several kinds of SOI wafers to meet various customer's requirements.

SEH started development of SOI wafers in 1988. We began with bonded SOI wafers by precisely controlled grinding and polishing technology, responding to customer's high quality requirements. We introduced PACE (plasma assisted chemical etching) technology in 1994 for improvement of SOI thickness uniformity, and Unibond® technology for thin SOI wafer production at low cost in 1997.

   SOI Products from SEH
  Thick SOI Wafers (Bonded and Polished SOI with layer thickness > 1µm)
  Thin SOI Wafers (Unibond® SOI with layer thickness < 1µm)

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