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 Multiple Product Solutions

SEH is your source for Multiple Product Solutions to your silicon needs. We are an ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry, providing a full range of product families. SEH can provide both standard and customized silicon wafers for your needs. Contact our Sales and Marketing Staff to find out how we can serve you.

  Wafers for Discrete and Power Management Device Manufacture
  EPI Wafers for Discrete Devices
  Float Zone
  Diffused Wafers
  As-sliced, As-lapped
  Fab Process Monitoring Wafers
  Low COP for particle monitoring
  High Resistivity
  High Resistivity CZ Crystal for RF Applications
  Low Oi MCZ
  Polished Wafer
  Polished CZ
  Polished Wafers — Low Defect Crystal
  Polished Wafers — Near Perfect Crystal
  Annealed Wafer
  IG-NANATM (Nitrogen Doping + Annealing)
  Denuded Zone — Intrinsic Gettering (DZ-IG) Wafer
  P/P- and P/P+
  EPI NANATM (Nitrogen Doping + Epi)
  Intrinsic EPI
  Epi Wafers for Image Sensors
  Thick Bonded SOI Wafers
  Thin Bonded SOI Unibond® Wafers